The coming Cyber Monday is expected to feature some of the best products in the world. This is attributable to the increase in the level of competition and the influx of people in online stores over the past year. In the past, there has been a trend where the Cyber Monday deals have been combined with Black Friday offers to create a stunning period of a shopping spree. This year, things are expected to be much more. Here are some of the best Cyber Monday deals to watch this year.

PS4 Pro

Song has released a new version of PlayStation 4 – the PS4 Pro, which has amazing features when compared to its older version. If PlayStation is your thing, watch out for early Cyber Monday sales for PS4 Pro as it is a great model of the PlayStation.

iPhone 8

In 2006, Apple made its debut with the iPhone 7 that saw crazy Cyber Monday sales. With the launch of its predecessor – iPhone 8, Cyber Monday sales are likely to be high for this product. If you are a lover of iPhone 8, be on the lookout for amazing discounts this coming Cyber Monday.

iPhone X deals

Apple has launched two versions of iPhone after the iPhone 7. During the 2016 Cyber Monday, iPhone 7 stole the show, and this year, expectations are high that iPhone X will have amazing discounts considering that it is one of the latest versions of iPhone.

Xbox One X

In 2016, shopper enjoyed huge discounts for Xbox One S bundle was given at $249 from GameStop, and this came with Gears of War 4. Since then, a significant transformation has been noted in Xbox One. For example, Project Scorpio from Microsoft was launched under the name Xbox One X. It comes with a collection of about 22 games and features 4K gaming, and much more. Considering its features and the initial price of $500, expectations are high that it will be discounted greatly during the Cyber Monday sales this year.

Apple Watch 3

The Apple Watch 3 is a new release from Apple and comes with a high price of $399, but with great performance. The company launched it in September and no doubt it is intended to make great sales during the coming Cyber Monday.

Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung cannot mix in the best Cyber Monday deals, not with its new Samsung Galaxy S8 or even the Galaxy Note 8. If you are a fun of Android, you have to be on the lookout for products from Samsung this Cyber Monday. Hopes are high for amazing discounts from Samsung for Galaxy S8.

Camera deals

Despite the fact that there may not be many Cyber Monday deals in 2o17 compared to TVs, it is not an indication that there won’t be much savings on these products. With the advancement in these devices, manufacturers of DSLR cameras such as Canon and Nikon will have some of the best online Cyber Monday deals courtesy of Best Buy, Amazon, and others.

Laptop deals

Cyber Monday sales are not complete without deals on laptops. This year, it is expected that laptops Cyber Monday deals will be many considering the technological shift. If you are considering getting yourself a new laptop, check on crazy discounts this year. For example, it is rumored that Apple might be offering incredible discounts on its MacBook, and MacBook Pro.


The above are some of the products that cannot miss in the coming Cyber Monday deals. While you may find any of your preferences not listed here, it does not mean that it will not be among the discounted products this year. Just keep on scouring the web for early Cyber Monday sales, and you get the deal of your lifetime.



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