Black Friday, probably the most important shopping day of the year, is known to have million shoppers flocking to stores with some of them finish their shopping and some of them unable to shop due to their optimum stress and exhaustion level has reached as every customer is different.  To convert even those tough clients into sales, retailers need to provide top customer support and service to them. To encounter customer problems, retailers need to make their staff aware and train them prior to black Friday and turn a tough shopping weekend into sales weekend.

First and foremost thing is to hire and equip your staff with proper training and customer handling skills; they should be trained about handling worst case scenarios and violence outbreaks too. During black Friday, there is frequent shipment of inventory so team should be able to manage space for inventory and everything. It is suggested to keep a user-oriented notebook and receive either customer’s contact information or add them into the computer system to attend them later the hectic time passed. Don’t forget to take follow-up either via mail or phone to remain updated about suggestions and take feedback about new arrivals or latest product additions.

Rectify your advertisements put on store’s door. Sometimes buyers are expected to have door buster and discounted sales on items instead they leave store with discontent after losing their trust. So to avoid this to happen, make sure to clearly narrate your special deals and plan your promotions diligently to not to get your buyer misunderstand. Avoid making false promises to clients like free gift on purchase a certain item as it would mislead your long-term faithful customer.

Don’t put up with messy displays since it makes store less appealing for the next new buyer coming in the store. Keep shelves of gift items specifically part of black Friday deal separated from non-gift items that audience are least interested in. Keep entertaining the clients who are in waiting line. Make them feel important and acknowledge them.

Customers come in group during holiday shopping along with their family or friends. Here you can take care of them by giving interactive demos where whole members can sample products.

 Hence, customer experience of buyers is really important on black Friday than rest of the day as retailers have so much competition around offline, online or stores during holidays. Make their shopping experience stand out from the crowd as there is no limit to pamper your customers.